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Hello World! [+ ramblings On Creation.]


Welcome to my personal website. What, exactly, is this website for? Is this a development blog? A Tech Blog? A journal? Will I ever make a second post? All very good questions, that I currently don't know the answer to.

In all seriousness, I hope to use this space as a creative outlet, and to use it to incentivize me to create more things. Throughout my life, I always have downplayed the act of creation. Making things was something that Creative People ™ do. I never considered myself a Creative Person ™, and used that as an excuse to be passive in all areas of my life.

As years passed, I became more and more dissatisfied with my position in life. One sleepless night, I came to the realization that would slowly grow to consume my thoughts and constantly live in my head rent-free.

When was the last time you've made something you can be proud of?

I didn't have an answer for myself. And why not? I (at the time) had excellent grades at University, and was quite proficient at the tasks I was assigned. But was I proud of that? Of course not! What was there to be proud of? I was told to complete exercises 4-14 in the course work, and so I did. I was told to memorize axioms and mathematical laws, and so I did. But despite all of the """knowledge""" I accumulated, I found I had very little in the way of practical skills. Sure I could mathematically describe the diffusion of electrons through a Gallium Arsenide semiconductor. I could """""design""""" a signal amplifier (as long as there was a single predefined correct answer of course!). But given a box of those same components, could I actually make anything worthwhile? Of course not, Creating things was for Creative People ™, not me. The attempt to answer this simple question took me back through time, past my years in Uni, past my years in Highschool even. I had literally never finished a personal project. Programming, Engineering, Physical Fitness, it didn't matter. I never even came close .

Anyway, after much soul-searching, I have come to the conclusion that the Act of Creation is probably the simplest and most succinct answer to the question of lifes purpose. Sure, maybe you aren't good at it. Maybe what you are creating has no purpose. Maybe someone 10 years younger than you has already done the same thing 10 times better than you. It doesn't matter. You are manifesting your Will to bring something into creation that didn't exist before. You can point to it and say that despite everything, it exists, and it is the best you could have done.