Wooden Scalpel's Website

I will post websites, books, games, etc. here that I think you should check out!

Lainchan Webring

A page containing banners to sites in the Lainchan webring. Lainchan is a imageboard inspired by the anime "Serial Experiments Lain". I wouldn't really recommend going there if you are a normal person. Browsing through this webring was what inspired me to finally create my own website. Many of the websites have some sort of cyberpunk influence, if you are into that. I quite like most of the websites, they are very comfy.

Eventually I would like to make a random selection of banners appear in the footer of my website, once I wrap my head around the necessary Javascript (or maybe PHP/CGI since I know Javascript is cringe)

Here is my banner if you would like to include it on your site!


Kittens Game

Do you like idle games where numbers go up? I do!

Kittens Game is an idle game with years of content. There are constant 'paradigm shifts', so you are constantly tweaking your playstyle to optimize for different resources. I have been playing the same file off and on for years, and I am still in the 'Early Game'.

There is a .apk for mobile devices as well, which is how I play. I think the game is much better suited as a mobile app. You can pop in every once in a while to spend your resources, and watch the numbers go up!


Community fansite for fans of the work of Tkmiz, the Mangaka of my favourite manga, Girl's Last Tour. Hosts the largest archive of fanart and /tkmiz/core media on the internet!

Gregtech New Horizons

Enjoy modded minecraft? REALLY enjoy modded minecraft? Tired of the fact that you can min-max the most efficient mods and achieve pseudo-creative in most packs in a matter of hours? Do you want a pack with recipes so unbelievably nerfed that using Thaumcraft is actually a viable option? This is the modpack you've been looking for!

Forged Alliance Forever

A community launcher that adds online matchmaking, new content and balance changes to the RTS game Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. FAF is my favourite RTS game, as I hate the APM and micro-focused approach games like Starcraft 2 have taken. FAF has almost no micro, and lets you focus on 'macro' strategies and tactics. None of the units have active abilities, you can auto-queue your factories and engineers, etc. This leads to games being more about map control and less about who can click faster.